DM Thermoformer

Set up by Engineers with over three decades of cumulative experience in Plastic Product design, Tooling, material selection and Thermoforming. The factory is conveniently located along the Chennai-Bangalore highway. We are easily reachable from Sriperumbudur, Orgadam, Sricity, Hosur industrial belt.

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Our Quality Policy

DMT is totally committed to customer satisfaction, clearly understanding the customer’s needs and expectations. The supply chain and processes of the company is planned and executed to deliver products that will exceed these needs and expectations. DMT believes in empowerment of people to drive innovation. Continuous improvement will be achieved through data driven decisions.

Case Studies

To illustrate engineering know how in designing, prototyping, tooling, material selection and manufacturing is used to find solutions for packaging challenges.


Packaging provides Protection, Containment, Presentation, Identification and Convenience to your product. These requirements can be in varying degree of importance for a particular application.


Blister packaging is manufactured by molding heated plastic sheets to the desired shapes using molds which are made to suit the specific requirement of part fitment. The plastic sheets can be of varieties of properties.