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Thermoformed Plastic Packaging

Blister packaging is manufactured by molding heated plastic sheets to the desired shapes using molds which are made to suit the specific requirement of part fitment. The plastic sheets can be of varieties of properties. It can be transparent offering high visibility of product on the shelf to brightly color. Packaging for electronic components use plastic sheet with anti static or ESD properties to protect them from damaging electro-static discharge. Food packaging uses plastic that can withstand very hot temperature of a microwave or very low temperature of a freezer. Packaging for machined automobile components are grease and impact resistant. Depending on the shape and application the packaging can be BLISTERS, CLAMSHELLS and TRAYS.

Blister Packaging

Blisters are the most common of Thermoformed Plastic Packaging and are almost always made of transparent plastic. Used together with a colorfully printed blister card or art card, a blister packaging offers very cost effective method offering high visibility for consumer products such as tooth brushes, shaving razors, writing instruments and electronic accessories.

Clamshell Packaging

Clamshells too are transparent and offer high visibility. Unlike blisters the printed art work is placed within the sealed plastic enclosure offering protection to it against handling damages. It is packaging of choice for much heavier and costlier items such as a head phone, larger toys, a shaving kit, cosmetic set and a gift pack. Consumer friendly features like easy open and pilfer proof features are built into the design as required. High degree of visibility too can be achieved through hanger hooks and stand up feature.