Packaging provides Protection, Containment, Presentation, Identification and Convenience to your product. These requirements can be in varying degree of importance for a particular application. Therefore the need to customize the packaging and to ensure it suit to exactly what is needed.


Our engineers do the 3 D modeling to create the packaging blister to suit the customer requirement. Using the CNC Mill a “Soft Tool” is made a few samples are made to test it suitability. The whole process will take 5 to 7 days. Changes can be incorporated and sampling and testing can be repeated until results satisfy all requirements. The blister model can now be used to fabricate mass production tool.

Tool Fabrication

Using the 3 D model of the blister or the final prototype part model as the input a matching thermoforming tool model is generated. The tool fabrication is done on a CNC mill.


We use fully mechanized continuous production method which can deliver up to 1 lakh normal size blisters (about 200 x 150 x 40 mm) in a day. The plastic sheet in roll form is loaded to the machine, which gets the required heat from the PLC controlled oven, before reaching the forming station. At the forming station the plastic sheet take the shape of the blisters. This is followed by on line trimming of parts and packing to the shipping cartons.

Quality Assurance

Once the tool for a project is ready for mass production it is validated using statistical process control techniques. The ideal process parameters are determined during the process and stored, which is recalled every time when the same tool needs to be used. A three level (Raw material, Process and Finished Product) inspection and analysis of critical parameters are carried out to keep variance within tolerance. Every lot delivered to the customer is identifiable with a unique lot number and bar code, using which the material and process used can be traced back.